SieveSifter is an interactive visualization for exploring results from HIV vaccine trials, built with guidance and assistance from researchers at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. It's available on their website here.

The work was published in the Journal of Bioinformatics [link].

One of the hardest tasks in electric vehicle routing is making good charging decisions -- namely, where to recharge and how long to do so. This is the crux of the fixed route vehicle charging problem (FRVCP). It's an important problem that we have to solve if we're going to adopt EVs en masse. Thankfully, an exact and efficient algorithm solving the FRVCP exists, but its implementation is sufficiently complex to deter people from using it.

frvcpy is an open-source Python package implementing this algorithm.

See the package | Read the paper

The Vehicle Routing Problem REPository (VRP-REP) is a place where researchers in vehicle routing can share information, like problem instances and solutions, in a common format. Mapper is a simple mapping utility for those instances and solutions. It's available on VRP-REP's website here.

When coworkers decide to bring desserts for one another's birthdays, how do they decide who brings dessert when and for whom? The Birthday Fairy Scheduling Assistant is a simple optimization tool to equitably answer this question.

Access the Birthday Fairy Scheduling Assistant here.

DessertChef PreparesFor OnDate
Steven Tyler George Dantzig 11-2-16
George Washington Carver Langston Hughes 1-18-17
Langston Hughes Jane Goodall 4-5-17

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