Operations Research PhD student at the University of Tours

I am a PhD student on the Operations Research, Scheduling, and Transportation team at the University of Tours, anticipating graduation in December 2019. My current focus is aiding in the shift towards sustainable transport by employing Markov decision processes to solve problems in electric vehicle routing under uncertainty.

My experience in OR includes
  • Stochastic dynamic programming
  • Math programming: construction and solution of linear/integer programming models
  • Markov processes
  • Multi-objective optimization and quantification of conflict
  • Data manipulation, analysis, and visualization

In addition to my current work in logistics, I have prior optimization experience in scheduling and resource management as well as industry experience in telecommunications.

I received a BS in physics from the University of Missouri in 2011 and an MS in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management from the University of Washington in 2016.


We recently submitted our work on dynamic routing of electric vehicles, which you can find here.

Currently enjoying time as a visiting researcher at CIRRELT and HEC in Montreal.